Curriculum 2016 of Dept. of Geodetic Engineering

Structure of Curriculum 2016

Curriculum 2016 of Undergraduate Program in Geodetic Engineering Department is materialized into 144 credits held in 8 semesters. Composition of the course in Curriculum 2016 Undergraduate Program Geodetic Engineering is prepared by referring to Law Number 20 Year 2003 regarding National Education System which is clarified by Rector Regulation of Gadjah Mada University No. 581/P/SK/HT/2010 concerning General Guidance of Curriculum Development 2010 for Undergraduate Program Study at Gadjah Mada University. The 2016 Curriculum consists of compulsory and elective courses. 

Semester 1

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
FIU1101 Pancasila Compulsory 2
MGM1102 Calculus I Compulsory 2
TKD1103 Geology Compulsory 2
TKD1104 Linear Algebra Compulsory 2
TKD1105 Terrestrial Surveying I Compulsory 2+1
MGF1106 Fundamentals of Physics Compulsory 2
TKD1107 Agrarian Law Compulsory 2
TKD1108 English Compulsory 2
TKD1109 Statistics and Theory of Errors Compulsory 3
Total 20

Semester 2

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
UNV1201 Civics Compulsory 2
MGM1202 Calculus II Compulsory 2
FTK1203 Engineering Concept for Civilization Compulsory 2
TKD1204 Adjustment Computation Compulsory 3
TKD1205 Terrestrial Surveying II Compulsory 2+1
TKD1206 Basics of Computer Programming Compulsory 2+1
TKD1207 Cartography I Compulsory 2+1
TKD1208 Land Registration Compulsory 2
Total 20

Semester 3

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD2301 Terrestrial Surveying III Compulsory 2+1
TKD2302 Mathematical Geodesy Compulsory 2
TKD2303 Photogrammetry I Compulsory 2+1
TKD2304 Coordinate system and transformation Compulsory 2
TKD2305 Database System Compulsory 2+1
TKD2306 Computer Graphics Compulsory 1+1
TKD2307 Remote Sensing Compulsory 2+1
TKD2308 Physical Oceanography Compulsory 2
Total 20

Semester 4

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD2401 Photogrammetry II Compulsory 2+1
TKD2402 Geodetic Reference System Compulsory 2
TKD2403 Hydrographic Surveying I Compulsory 2+1
TKD2404 Engineering Surveying Compulsory 2+1
TKD2405 Satellite Geodesy Compulsory 3
TKD2406 Geographic Information System Compulsory 2+1
TKD2407 Cartography II Compulsory 2+1
Total 20

Semester 5

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD3501 GNSS Surveying Compulsory 2+1
TKD3502 Digital Terrain Model Compulsory 2
TKD3503 Map Projection Compulsory 3
TKD3504 Land and Property Valuation Compulsory 2
TKD3505 Hydrographic Surveying II Compulsory 2
TKD3506 Physical Geodesy Compulsory 3
TKD3507 Geospatial-based Environmental Management and Spatial Planning Compulsory 2
TKD3508 Field Camp Compulsory 0+3
Total 20

Semester 6

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
FIU3601 Religion Compulsory 2
TKD3602 Boundary Delimitation and Demarcation Compulsory 2
TKD3603 Geodetic Control Networks Compulsory 2
TKD3604 Internship Compulsory 0+3
TKD3605 Survey and Management of Land Information Compulsory 2+1
TKD3606 Digital Image Processing Compulsory 2+1
Electives Elective 5
Total 20

Semester 7

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD4701 Research Methodology Compulsory 2
TKD4702 Manajement and Enterpreneurship Compulsory 2
Electives Elective 13
Total 17

Semester 8

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
UNV4801 Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) Compulsory 3
TKD4802 Skripsi Compulsory 4
Total 7

Odd Semester Electives

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD4703 Marine Engineering Surveying Elective 2
TKD4704 Applied Geographic Information System Elective 2+1
TKD4705 Non-Spatial Data Survey Methods Elective 2
TKD4706 Applied Remote Sensing Elective 2
TKD4707 Non-Topographic Photogrammetry Elective 1+1
TKD4708 Spatial Database Elective 2
TKD4709 Cadastral Systems Elective 2
TKD4710 Deformation Surveying Elective 2
TKD4711 Mining Surveying Elective 2+1
TKD4712 Geospatial Information Infrastructure Elective 2
Total 7

Even Semester Electives

Code Course Name Course Type Credits
TKD3607 Web-based Geographic Information Systems Elective 2+1
TKD3608 Applied Adjusment Computation Elective 2
TKD3609 Coastal Zone Management Elective 2
TKD3610 Route Surveying Elective 2+1
TKD3611 Spatial Data Structure Elective 2
TKD3612 Land Use Planning Elective 2
TKD3613 Law of the Sea Elective 2
TKD3614 Active Sensor Remote Sensing Elective 1+1
TKD3615 Applied GNSS Elective 1+2
TKD3616 Labour Law Elective 2
Total 7